Monday, 30 March 2015

Variations on a theme ... or two

I have spent a few happy hours hooking pictures this month. 

I think patchwork pictures are my personal favourite.  I really enjoy this activity.  Images of hearts, hens and sheep are also fun to play with.   

This idea of a vase of flowers has been popular.  I think cats might be my next subject.

You may have noticed that I have modified the way I mount the pictures on to the canvas.  I have decided to cut the hessian large enough that it can be wrapped round the board.  This means that there is more picture and I no longer need the calico. 

I have also added a new style to my hand knitted with hand spun wool hat collection.  This is the point where I find out slouch hats are a bit yesterday. 

This style is great to knit.  As well as incorporating some sari silk I have also decided to introduce the odd bit of extra texture by randomly varying the stitch. I aim to do a bit more of this in the next hat. 

Talking about hats - I have modified the props I use to display my hats.  I was very pleased with the idea of placing polystyrene balls on candle sticks.  This approach works well, however, when you sell a hat you are left with a rather unsightly ball.  I decided to cover the balls in paper mache. 

Once dried I gave the balls two coats of watered down PVA which has given  a smoother, harder surface. They should survive being transported to and from various events and occasionally rolling around on the floor. 


All in all it has been a successful month.  April is going to be no less busy.  The pictures are destined for Casteaway Crafts, Dounby so I will need to make some more.  I put two woven scarves into Peedie Hansel, Kirkwall and spent some time weaving a scarf as a donation to the silent auction for Orkney Creative Hub  The auction runs till Monday April 6th.  Instructions for bidding are on the website so please go and have a look and bid if you see something you fancy.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that jazz.
Cheerio till next time.


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