Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas...

... well almost.  The Christmas Craft Fair season is in full swing.  I attended one craft fair near the end of October (Shapinsay Parents Association comes to town). This was followed by a fair in November and two in December (Orkney Arts and Crafts).  I didn't make the last one in December but I think it went well despite the wet and windy weather.

Here are some of my Christmas craft offerings

A day in the Town Hall Kirkwall.

A different day in the Town Hall - having sold a hooked picture and in response to the lovely comments made by various people I pressed on and made a few more.

Note the finished hen picture - very pleased with it.  Also keen on the sheep.  My friend Sian bought one similar to the small one here.  Sian also bought a small chicken and they are now adorning a recently refurbished room.   I put a larger version of the sheep into Castaway Crafts, Dounby which is owned by Fiona Mitchell.  To find out more about this Aladdin's cave of handmade goodies follow the link.

There are always woven scarves

And here are some random photographs.

This posy is one of two which were handmade and carried by my granddaughters at their Uncles wedding in August. I knitted some flowers, others were made from felted jumpers and some from buttons and beads.

This is a small pink Christmas tree decorated by my granddaughters.

A bit of a blustery day in Orkney captured by Alastair Skene.  This picture was published on the News Scotland website.
yesnaby storms
Well it's time to get on with the festive preparations.  I will be back in the New Year although I think I will refrain from making any rash promises to myself or anyone else that I will post on my blog more frequently ... then again.