Sunday, 31 May 2015

'Just-in-time' management  seems to be the order of the day.  April has passed me by as far as blogging goes and May would have been the same had I not purposefully set aside some time for this 'just-in-time' effort.  I need to mark a day each month in my diary - now that would be organised, but would it work?  I don't think I will ever be as proficient as my friend Sian Thomas of' 'Life on a small island' fame.  An interesting blog worth a visit.  Go to  Sian lives on Graemsay - the land of my forefathers - well some off them at least.

Both April and May have been busy with trips off island and visitors - just grand. 

So what I have been up to craft wise?

A trip south to visit small grandchildren and their parents necessitated making two non-sew material baskets to hold a selection of chocolate eggs.  These were fun to make and quick.  All that was needed was some rope, strips of material and a needle.  I got the idea from Pinterest 

I could become hooked and I plan to explore basket making further at some point.  I have made baskets in a past life.

I have also been making a few Christmas decorations for Peedie Hansel in Kirkwall.  Yes Christmas decorations in April.  Here are some examples of my makes.  Using 4 inch embroidery hoops, felted jumpers and some fleece I needle felted a few pictures.

I also made some hearts and Christmas trees from felted jumpers

I attended one craft fair in April and one in May.  Not long now to the summer exhibition in Kirkwall. 
May has seen me working away on some hooked pictures.  Maybe I should change my name to The Happy Hooker? Then again that would possibly be a bit risqué.  I haven't goggled it yet.

I love this hen.

I have woven some scarves but hooking pictures seems to be taking over.  It's all enjoyable.

And finally...

While south in April we took our eldest grandchild for a sleepover in our camper van.  Kermit ( a well loved toy from her mothers childhood) came too.  


At the end of the trip Sheep was tucked under the bed in the camper van ready for it's trip north.  See the blog from February 1st for the history.  Sheep now sits close to our front door next to a concrete cat. 

In contrast our collie dog is real and requires lots of long walks.

Yesterday seemed like spring with our neighbours lambs munching away in the field behind our house.

Today it has rained and rained and rained.  Still a trip to Haughland Tea Room and a visit to the Heritage Centre and craft shop fair cheered up the day.

See you in June.  Hopefully it will be warm and dry