Friday, 27 February 2015

From Shapinsay to Seattle...

Two postings in one month!
Well how excited was I when I received a request through Orkney Arts and Crafts from a man living in Seattle.  He had been on holiday in Orkney during the summer and bought one of my hats that were hand knitted with my hand spun wool.  He was now making a request for another knitted hat (slightly smaller than the one he had) and a  knitted scarf in earthy tones. In the end it was agreed that a woven scarf would be better.  It was also agreed that it could be narrower than the original request. It's quite tricky negotiating via email but we got there - I think . There is no quick way of checking things out or showing a variety of yarns and saying 'which would you prefer?'  The colours here don't truly reflect the actual colours.  I was pleased with the end product though.  The scarf is 7" wide which is wider than my usual but wide enough without being too bulky.  

The final garments modelled by my husband.  It was at this point I wondered if the scarf and hat were for his wife.

Other exciting news is The Orkney Creative Hub. 

Here we are - The Project Team.  Funny thing is I don't feel short - good things come in small bundles and all that jazz.

The three founding organisations

Operating as a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) The Orkney Creative Hub will provide a central location for education, development and innovative enterprise opportunities for Artists, Designers and Crafters of all ages and abilities across many disciplines, from within and outwith the Orkney community.  By incorporating an active outreach programme The Hub will support artists and makers across the Orkney Isles

This will be the first time there is a central focus for established artists and makers to promote their work and for the community to have access to resources to explore and develop their individual creativity.  The proposed facility will facilitate access for a far wider audience that is presently possible to a range of education, facilities and equipment.

We need all the support we can get both in terms of funds but also support in relation to the numbers who are taking an interest in what we are doing. 

We can be found at  The website is still under construction.  Please note the Donate Button.  Every little helps.  In the unlikely circumstance that the project does not succeed, the money raised will be returned or donated to a charitable organisation depending on the preferences of individuals who have supported us in this way.

I'll keep you posted. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Handknitted, hooked and other stuff

January seems to have flown passed (in more ways than one - it's been a bit blowy) leaving me rather surprised to find it is February.  

I have little stock and having made a list of 'must makes' I now need to prioritise my crafting endeavours.  Fun activities such as spinning, sewing, hooking, weaving and knitting are competing for my time.  That said I need to spin in order to get started.  So much for being ahead of the game.

I have a very good reason for taking time off  during January.   A new granddaughter arrived in the wee small hours of Christmas Eve morning.  Please note the jumper, my hands haven't been totally idle.

 I also completed a  'Welcome to our home' wall hanging.  The picture is hooked in hand spun wool and some sari silk.  I hand stitched the names onto small pieces of calico which were then sewn on to the canvas along with ceramic heart shaped buttons.   I think I will do a few more of these hangings but back them with calico rather than use artists canvas.  I will either sew a sleeve at the back or make tags so it can be hung up. 

I have also fulfilled an order for two felted hanging hearts similar to this one. 

So that's enough for now.  Before I go let me introduce you to Sheep - a birthday gift.  Many thanks I love it and am looking forward to bringing it home.  This sheep is 24" high, 31" long and 14" wide.