Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Frustration is ...

.... trying to spin strips of fabric as suggested by Symeon North in get Spun:  The Step-By-Step Guide to Spinning Art Yarn (2010).   The book has mixed reviews but I am enjoying looking through it and trying out some of the techniques she suggests.  I haven't started spinning plastic bags yet but I liked the idea of spinning some strips of fabric, weaving them, then making a bag.   I have a few balls of fabric left over from crocheting a rug.  The small amount I succeeded in spinning gives me hope, but it wasn’t easy.  Perhaps I need a jumbo flyer unit or a better technique or both. 

Anyway, I am off sooth for a few days and hope to fit in a visit to one of my favourite stores Twist Fibre Craft , Newburgh, Fife.  Love it.  I suggest you visit their website although you really need to be there to appreciate the atmosphere in the shop.  Last time I visited I bought a drum carder.  Perhaps this time I should leave my purse in the car.  Oh hang on a minute, I’m not taking the car. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

All things crafty

There was a table top sale at the local community centre yesterday which induced a flurry of activity.  I wove a number of scarves and made a few brooches which were then displayed on a table along with a friends cushions and other products made from old blankets and another’s rustic willow baskets.  I think there should have been a prize for presentation because I am sure we would have got it.  I’ll post a photo when I have access to a copy.  I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  No sales for me this time but it was an interesting experience and we hope to attend a few local fairs throughout the summer months depending on cost. 

The scarf featured here was handwoven.  The warp and weft are 100% wool that I handspun.   I find spinning and weaving very relaxing.  The brooches are made from sari silk and boiled felt

Sunday, 11 March 2012


This initial post is short. Still, we all have to start somewhere and if I don't start now it will be Christmas before I get going. Orkney is awash with creative talent expressed through a thriving musical, artistic and crafty community. This environment is inspiring, supportive and daunting in equal measure. The aim of this blog is to provide a space where I can share my experience and crafty creations as I aim to fulfil a long held desire to develop an outlet for the items I make.