Sunday, 19 August 2012

The best laid plans...

... of mice and men.  I didn't get to the East Mainland Show as I was sooth.  Mary went along though with my Simply Woven and More wares, Ali's Baskets and her own cushions, scarves and bunting plus a few other things.  I did however, do my bit at the Shapinsay Show.  It was a perfect day for showing the animals, not too hot or bright but warm enough and dry (most of the time).  Our stall looked something like this.

I took along my spinning wheel and spent a lovely day spinning and chatting to lots of folk.  Quite a few people spoke about their Grannies spinning or in some cases their Mum.  The different designs of spinning wheel that are available was a point  for discussion.  The Orkney spinning wheel has a double drive, I would love to find one for sale.  My wheel is an Ashford traveller. My wheel and Ali's Baskets are in the next snap.

I have  been making some hats from felted jumpers - pictures to follow.