Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hats off to you

I am hoping that it is hats on actually or should that be hats all gone?   I have made six hats from felted jumpers.   The one in the picture used to be a small fair isle waistcoat.  I put large buttons on it as a design feature.  It's a versitile little number which can be worn in various ways as demonstrated below. 

There are two shapes I think I might focus on.  One has five panels to it.  The other one is the one in the following picture.  Not sure what shape you would call it.  Flower pot shaped doesn't sound very flattering.

I actually sold this hat at a craft event two weeks ago (roughly).  Each time a liner comes in to Orkney The Pier Group, as they are known, pitch up at Hatston Pier.  All good cold fun.  We don't have a regular slot, however, if one of the regulars aren't going to be there then we may be offered the space.  I didn't sell anything last Friday but had a lovely morning spinning which kept me and the tourists amused.

It is almost the end of the season and time to reflect on a crafty summer.  I am now going to devote some time to thinking about and experimenting with different ways of displaying my hats, scarves, brooches and pictures.  I have started looking around the house for props. I also want to make some small mobiles from felted jumpers.  Some of the old jumpers I have felted are too stiff for the sort of hats I would like to make. 

There just aren't enough hours in the day.