Friday, 13 March 2015

Complements from Seattle

I received a positive response from Ian in Seattle.

'Wow! I love the new scarf and hat, you have my complete trust and respect. Your work is original and amazing, you make ordinary daily items special. I have had many compliments on my blue beanie hat, from LA to Tokyo, but the compliments are for you. People respond to the weaving and colors, me too'

Pleased and relieved that the scarf and hat went down well.  You sort of know when someone buys something from your stall that they are happy with their purchase.

I have made some brooches, hanging felt hearts and small key rings for a new shop opening in Kirkwall. The shop is called Peedie Hansel, which translates into Small Gift, and can be found at 45 Albert Street. This adventure is being undertaken by Jean Ross - so good luck Jean.

I have a new line in scarves for the summer craft fairs.  All comments welcome.


I have cut the ends to make a fringe...

and added a bit of needle felting which I then sewed round the edge.

Talking about needle felting, I made this wall hanging while spending an enjoyable crafting afternoon in a local artist bothy.  My efforts now hang on the kitchen wall.

And finally, a new main for an old(ish) horse.  I spent a fun afternoon with my eldest granddaughter renewing the mane of the rocking horse her Mum and Uncle used to play on.  We used ribbons of sari silk and pieces of woollen jumpers. The mane may be developed on their next visit. I was thinking about some button along the edge of the mane on the 1st image below.  Any comments welcome.

The bells make a lovely noise. 

I'm full of the cold so off to enjoy a mug of warm honey and lemon - yummy.

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