Monday, 3 February 2014

Wooly jumpers, bags and hats

It is February already.  So ... have I meet the challenge I set myself at the beginning of January and finished my collection of unfinished projects by the end of the month?  The short answer is no.

Once I had finished the rag rug and safely delivered it to its intended owner my thoughts turned to the other unfinished projects stashed away in boxes and bags.  A hooked rag rug and a wall hanging to name two.  However, I got a bit distracted by competing thoughts of making bags and a new selection of hats from felted jumpers.  The hats and bags won out with the following results.

I made this bag from a felted v neck, 100% lambs wool, cardigan with pockets.  The cardigan was in a sorry state when it came to me.  It's previous owner had been a bit careless when washing it (lucky me).


I cut off the buttonhole and button band then sewed up the front of cardigan using my sewing machine. This seam became a side seem so that there was a patch pocket on the front and the back of the bag.  I also sewed up the bottom edges incorporating the rib into the design.  I cut out the sleeves and squared off the armhole and the neck edges.

I used the button whole band and a button to make a fastener for the pockets.  These was hand sew in place.

The handles for the bag are integral to the main structure and I applied three rows of straight stitch which was both decorative and strengthened the edges. 

I did consider using a bolder colour but on balance felt this subtle grey colour was better.  The bag can be used as a shoulder bag.

Rummaging through my stash of felted jumpers and parts of jumpers brought hats to mind with the following results.



There are so many exciting knitting, weaving and felt projects to be getting on with I am going to have to write a list and carry out a prioritisation exercise.  Having attending a spinning  day on Saturday I now want to have a play plying commercially prepared wool with material like cotton, silk, threads and hand spun wool in order to produce an art yarn.  The possibilities are endless.

Oh for more hours in the day.

Happy days and speak soon