Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Frustration is ...

.... trying to spin strips of fabric as suggested by Symeon North in get Spun:  The Step-By-Step Guide to Spinning Art Yarn (2010).   The book has mixed reviews but I am enjoying looking through it and trying out some of the techniques she suggests.  I haven't started spinning plastic bags yet but I liked the idea of spinning some strips of fabric, weaving them, then making a bag.   I have a few balls of fabric left over from crocheting a rug.  The small amount I succeeded in spinning gives me hope, but it wasn’t easy.  Perhaps I need a jumbo flyer unit or a better technique or both. 

Anyway, I am off sooth for a few days and hope to fit in a visit to one of my favourite stores Twist Fibre Craft , Newburgh, Fife.  Love it.  I suggest you visit their website although you really need to be there to appreciate the atmosphere in the shop.  Last time I visited I bought a drum carder.  Perhaps this time I should leave my purse in the car.  Oh hang on a minute, I’m not taking the car. 

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