Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What do you do with your odd balls?

 How time flies right enough.  Thanks to Blackbird for the timely reminder that March is almost at an end.  I have been busy but that's no excuse for not keeping up with my blog.  So where to begin...?

In response to a request for a slim, hand knitted scarf that could be worn all day in the same way as a cotton or silk scarf, I headed off to my stash of odd balls of commercially produced yarn that lives in my craft store room.  I enjoyed a good old rummage  and got quite excited by the different colours and textures.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my first effort but it was well received.  An order for a second one, with hat to match, has been placed.  

I  booked a space at the table top sale held on the island in early March.  This event provided the gentle nudge I needed to try out some of the ideas I had been toying with since the beginning of the year such as key rings and hair slides.  I also decided to knit a few of the narrow scarves to add to my woven selection. 

The scarves are knitted using 4mm or size 8 knitting needles, 15 stitches and stocking stitch.  They are roughly 77 inches in length and have the obligatory buttons at each end. 

I use various postcards as inspiration in relation to the proportions of different colours and textures/mood, for example this fun lively scarf was influenced by a card I have with hens on it. 

The scarves fit quite well with my hand knitted hats.  I have sold the hat on the right.  These hats are knitted with my hand spun wool.  I aim to knit some in the same commercially produced yarn as the knitted scarves.
I am also enjoying making key rings with small pieces of felted fair isle patterned jumpers cut into a heart shape.

The key ring here is embellished with a bit of needle felting, beads and some cross stitch.
I have already sold a few of these. 
I am also pleased with these hair slides made from felted jumpers embellished with needle-felting, hand embroidery, beads and buttons.
On a slightly different but related note - I have bought a spinning wheel from eBay.  It's old, Swedish and in need of some bobbins.  I am really pleased with it.  Pictures and stories to follow. 
Well that's enough for now.  Lots of crafting events planned for the summer so I better get on with it.
Bye for now folks, see you next month.


  1. Where do I start! Love the vibrant coloured thin scarves - great for neck twining!
    Hair slides - yes! wee girls would love candy pink etc. and I think you should put a contact address for orders ?

  2. I agree with blakebird Sandra - a contact address for orders would be useful. These are so fine, I too love the scarves and also the hair slides. Looking forward to seeing more from you.