Saturday, 11 January 2014

A new approach ...

a little and often ... well that's the plan anyway.  

I thought I would start the year by posting some pictures of the Christmas stocking I made at the end of last year for a special wee person I know.  I felted/fuelled a woollen jumper and embellished it with pieces of felted jumpers, some coloured fleece, needle-felting, hand embroidery and some buttons.  The holly was green but it appears blue in this picture.  A white background and more light would have been better.  I did take a few photographs with it hanging against a white door however, I took them with my phone and it died a few days ago taking my pictures with it (not an iPhone).  A lesson learnt - send pictures to a different device/place, either that or get an iPhone.   


I used a bit of hand spun wool to make a loop for hanging it from the mantelpiece.  Yes it is quite large.  When I said I was going to make a stocking for another special person a request was made that it wasn't too small.  I took this request on board and probably made it on the larger side.  The first stocking was made with hand spun wool knitted into a large oblong then felted and sewn into a stocking shape.   I did have a couple of pictures on my phone but .... anyway they needed to be similar in size.
Speak soon

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